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Marketing methods are hard to do at one time, but they are more difficult now than ever before because your business needs to adapt to succeed with the latest marketing campaigns.

However, your business still needs to make a sale, but the way to make that sale may not be as clear and difficult today.

So, here are some tips that will help you succeed in marketing your business during this COVID-19 pandemic. Consider this as you launch your new marketing campaigns at this uncertain time.

Focus on Add On Values

The use of Ringgit during this pandemic is a bit tedious for most buyers, so they will be more economical than usual.

This means that it’s time for you to focus on the value your product or service can provide to the buyer in no time.

People will still keep spending, but you need to refine your products and marketing strategies by showing how your users and customers will benefit and benefit when they make a purchase right now.

If you can focus on the value of your product or service, you will be able to generate sales in this pandemic setting.

Try out new marketing channels

Think about your current marketing strategies and then think about what you haven’t tried yet.

There are many things you can try when marketing your products, services, and brands. Have you tried using paid marketing channels? Examples: Try to create a website or a blog for your business, or create a YouTube channel for your brand, or try to provide info on the growing a TikTok channel right now.

Content marketing has always been a money-saving tactic and marketing strategy, and a study from Edelman found that 85 percent of brands want their brands to educate and provide a wealth of useful information to their users, so there’s no better time. to start this strategy now.

You can also try out some marketing campaigns that use people with their influence or known as Influencer. These people spend a lot of their time on social media, so this might be a golden opportunity for you to have some partnerships by using their influence to promote your products and brands.

Think about your customers

This has always been the case in any marketing activity, but now it’s more important than ever.

A recent study from Edelman found that “71 percent agree that if they feel that a business or brand is solely in the best interests of consumers, they will lose their trust in the brand forever.”

Consumers will buy a product or service using their emotions, so be careful how you display your brand and product during this outbreak.

Think critically about yourself. Don’t be so good at campaigns that are too compelling to sell. And remember, it’s better to stop some existing sales campaigns and launch them again in the future.

Work and think further

We can see that people will react more positively to large and small brands that act on human values ​​and contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.

There are many ways for your business and brand to join together to contribute and fight disease outbreaks, even in small businesses.

You can post that you will donate a percentage of your product or service sale to charities aimed at helping people with coronavirus or hospital staff. You can do this alone, or you can work with other appropriate brands.


There are many things you can do, and it is important to remember that the costs you incur in supporting the COVID-19 initiative will pay off in the long run but will likely help more people turn to your customers.

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